“All he did was take an object and turn it into art.”
Dmitri Ozerkov on Marcel Duchamp

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Центр Помпиду в Эрмитаже

From October 5 to November 14, 2010, the project ‘The Pompidou Center in the State Hermitage Museum’ was put on display in the State Hermitage Museum as part of the Year of France in Russia.

The George Pompidou National Center for Art and Culture is a cultural center in Paris, which first opened its doors in 1977. Its construction was the result of an initiative by French President George Pompidou. The Center houses the National Museum of Modern Art, a library, exhibition and concert halls, and the Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music.

The aim of ‘The Pompidou Center in the State Hermitage Museum’ was to focus on the way works of contemporary art are shown and the conversation that they create, in what will be part of a long-running program of collaboration and mutual enrichment between Russian and French culture.

We provided comprehensive PR support for the event, and invited members of the media and cultural, political and business establishment to the opening.

The result: more than 150 mentions in leading national print publications and digital media.

The State Hermitage
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