“I look for new colors, lines, and patterns in cities and try to take them out of their contexts.”
Matthias Heiderich

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Audi Art Gallery Limited Edition: a permanent art exhibition that became part of an Audi showroom interior.

 Audi Art Gallery Limited Edition was an exhibition of work by German photographer Matthias Heiderich, timed to coincide with German Week in St. Petersburg. Matthias presents city life in a way we are unused to seeing. Instead of banal shots of landmarks with conventional angles, his photos are filled with unusual colors, shapes, architectural forms, perspectives, figures, and lines. His work explores how architecture and light interact. Matthias puts cities in a new light in the literal sense of the word, away from neon signs and car headlamps. He finds inspiration in electronic music and Polaroid photographs from his childhood.

We developed the concept and oversaw the curation and production of the exhibition.

Ауди Центр Петроградский — официальный дилер Audi в Санкт-Петербурге.
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