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The Audi Art Gallery is a space for cars and contemporary art to coexist.
The essence of the project is to bring together innovative technology and the latest trends in contemporary art.

Techno_Logic was the fourth installment in the Audi Art Gallery project. Once more, we took over Audi’s showroom for a day and turned it into a special exhibition space for the work of three contemporary artists. Pavel Brat (Russia) is a young artist from St. Petersburg, and Yury Shtapakov (Russia) is well-known in Russia as a brilliant artist and graphic designer. He has illustrated more than 30 books, including works by Daniil Kharms and J.R.R. Tolkien. Swedish artist Anders Schönborg was the third participant. The exhibition featured photographs from his series ‘Abandoned’, which was shot on an industrial plant by Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, near Arles (France).

The artists were chosen for the close ties between their work and the Audi brand: contemporary technology, contemporary culture, and masterful craftsmanship. Yury Shtapakov, Pavel Brat and Anders Schönborg harness these elements in order to produce their work. Audi also makes its matchless cars based on these three qualities. The project was another success for our approach of bringing cultural elements to our partners’ marketing. We developed, planned, and implemented the project.

Audi Center Petrograd is the official Audi dealer in St. Petersburg.
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