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Audi Art Gallery: Big City Light

Big City Light was part of a series of exhibitions for Audi, continuing the successful Audi Art Gallery project.

On June 16, 2011, Audi Center Petrograd hosted Big City Light, an exhibition of work by photographer Alexey Tikhonov. Bright street lamps, traffic lights, neon advertising billboards, the lights from windows: artificial light has become the symbol of big cities that never sleep. Tikhonov breaks with this tradition in his work. His work has featured in leading Russian publications, including Afisha, Afisha-Mir, Bolshoi Gorod, Russky Reporter, National Geographic, and Elle.

More than 300 people attended the exhibition’s opening.

The result: more than 30 mentions in print and digital media.

We developed, planned, and implemented the project, from the first idea and overseeing curation, to designing the layout, managing production, and organizing the event.

Audi Center Petrogradsky
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