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‘Do it together’ was the first project in Russia to bring together leading Russian designers, photographers, internet artists and architects in a non-commercial setting to provide a territorial branding solution for a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Solovetsky Islands.

 The project was led by the Solovetskoye Rural Settlement’s Municipal Administration and Republico Projects, and supported by the Solovetsky Monastery and the Solovki State Historical, Architectural and Natural Museum-Reserve.

The project: a high-tech creative studio was set up on the Solovetsky Islands, where over a period of one week, Russia’s leading photographers and designers worked. A multipurpose computer center and equipment for photography and presentation were delivered to the archipelago for the project.

In the course of the project, members of the design team produced a full marketing plan for the Solovetsky Islands, including a corporate identity, navigation system, interactive web map, photographs for building a brand image, and hotel concepts.

The project partners were Canon, MTS, ReStore, LookAtMe, Interni, and the Russian Union of Travel Industry.

The result: more than 200 mentions in print and digital media.

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