‘Kvartirniki’ is about meeting interesting people and learning new things.

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‘Kvartirniki’ is an educational project inspired by the small concerts of 1980s Russia, when the most amazing events took place in the kitchens of communal apartments.

 The ‘kvartirniki’ at the Demetra Art Hotel are not concerts, but creative meetings, conversations, and lectures on topics of the speaker’s choice. The central figures of ‘Kvartirniki’ are:

Billy Novik, musician.

Ekaterina Lopatkina, art critic, curator of the exhibition ‘Frida Kahlo’, and deputy head of the Contemporary Art department at the State Hermitage Museum

Artem Balaev, co-founder/owner of the food festival ‘O, da! Eda!’

Dr. Georgy Goncharov, physicist and mathematician at the Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory

Dmitri Ozerkov, director of the Contemporary Art department at the State Hermitage Museum

Mikhail Astakhov, head curator of the Street Art Museum

Albina Motor, former producer at the Street Art Museum

Ksenia Malich, curator of architecture projects at the State Hermitage Museum

Only relevant bloggers and members of specialized online communities are invited to attend. We developed and have been running the project since the beginning of 2016.

The result: more than 120 mentions on social media. Reach: more than 1,900,000 people.

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